about us

         We continue our journey, which we started as a family company in HonKong in 2023, today as one of the leading companies in Turkey in the production and export of knitting (knitting) and light weaving.
Considering the needs of global ready-made clothing brands, we offer a complete service to our customers with our quality and diverse product portfolio that we have created with environmentally friendly production methods.
         We owe our leadership in the knitted apparel industry to our experience of more than 40 years together with all our employees, to our constantly renewed technology and to our modern solutions that we include in knitted apparel production. Thanks to the efficient working environment and opportunities we have created, we work with all our employees with the goal of uninterrupted progress and growth in this journey we embarked on.
Thanks to our long-term industry experience and our global production expertise and innovative technologies in knitwear and soft woven clothing as Ferlita International, we develop high quality and unique variety of products to market local and global textile markets and international apparel. We produce millions of pieces every year for our brands.
We turn your designs into reality.
As a reliable and successful partner of the global textile industry, with the comprehensive service we offer to our customers and our products in international standards, we are proud to represent ready-made clothing brands intensively in UAE, Russia, Turkey and also in Hong Kong domestically.

Our Mission AND VISION 

To produce the products and services needed by the textile industry at the highest value by using the most environmentally friendly production methods, by blending our vast experience in the sector with our innovative technologies, and to establish long-term business partnerships based on mutual benefit and trust with local and global ready-made clothing brands.To create trend-setting products that contribute to the sustainable textile industry with all our employees and resources, based on our principle of respect for people and nature, and to be an indispensable business partner of global textile brands.